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Gray’s Depart­ment Store: A Shopable Instal­la­tion of Work by the League of Women Design­ers

From Decem­ber 4th-20th, the Depart­ment of Curiosi­ties, the space co-run by Produc­tion Mode & Morua, will host a shopable instal­la­tion by members of the League of Women Design­ers (LWD). Eve Fine­man will curate the show draw­ing on the golden age of depart­ment stores for visual inspi­ra­tion. Our boutique space will be trans­formed with sections for house­wares, light­ing, furni­ture, cloth­ing, jewelry, hand­bags and lingerie. Partic­i­pat­ing design­ers are listed above. A link to the Gray’s Depart­ment Store exhibit cata­logue, designed by Dani Soukup, can be found here.

The show’s name refer­ences Eileen Gray, a touch­stone for LWD group. Gray was a pioneer of modernist design; an archi­tect and designer of furni­ture, textiles and inte­ri­ors. Her influ­en­tial works in the 1920s and 30s were largely over­looked in her time and the impor­tance of her legacy remains unrec­og­nized to this day. One of her most inno­v­a­tive works, the Villa E-1027 house, for instance, was first attrib­uted to her lover, Jean Badovice, and was later defaced by the most famous archi­tect of her day, Le Corbusier.

Open hours are Tues­day-Satur­day from 12–7 pm, and Sunday from 12–5 pm. Exhibit­ing design­ers will staff the shop along with Produc­tion Mode and Morua, so stop in to learn more about each line’s design and manu­fac­tur­ing process–most of the design­ers in the show manu­fac­ture locally. Also on hand will be a preview of Depart­ment of Curiosi­ties’ first collec­tion, a slow fash­ion, ethi­cally-made line of silk lingerie inspired by the women of the 1930s. The line is co-designed by Jamie Hayes of Produc­tion Mode and Gerry Quin­ton of Morua.

The open­ing recep­tion, spon­sored by KOVAL distillery, is on Decem­ber 4th from 6–9 pm. In addi­tion, save the date for a pop-up dining event by Midnight Kitchen Projects on the evening of Satur­day, Decem­ber 12th.

The Depart­ment of Curiosi­ties is located at 3013 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60647.


Another chance to shop local & shop small: at Dose Market at Morgan Manu­fac­tur­ing on Sunday, Dec. 13. More details and tick­ets can be found here.


We’re honored to announce that Past Perfect: UNIFORM, designed in collab­o­ra­tion with 24 partic­i­pants, will be shown from Janu­ary 15- March 25, 2016, at Wayne State Univer­sity in Detroit as part of the Deep Design Exhibit.

Deep Design: Pace, Place, and Person­hood in Design for the Social Sector.

This exhibit will focus on design­ers and archi­tects who are work­ing in ways that reflect strong and endur­ing commit­ments to people and places and where the human rela­tion­ship between designer and design recipient/s take prece­dent over design produc­tion. This exhibit advo­cates for design­ers who ques­tion the tran­sient nature of how we do design work today, which can some­times result in ideal­ized impo­si­tions instead of cultur­ally and econom­i­cally sensi­tive solu­tions. This body of work will begin to exem­plify how design­ers can and do commit to place and people- in mind, in body, and in prac­tice- in order to enter into truly co-creative rela­tion­ships and expe­ri­ences.

This exhi­bi­tion will work to bring aware­ness to the tensions and debates that exist in design prac­tice as indi­vid­u­als and orga­ni­za­tions work to create real, last­ing value in the social sector: the project-based engage­ment vs. versus long-term embed­ded­ness; archi­tec­ture as profes­sion­al­ized activ­ity vs. archi­tect­ing as a human right; tech­nol­ogy and connec­tiv­ity as a means for both social alien­ation and shared rebel­lion.


Thanks also to the Chicago­ist for naming Produc­tion Mode as one of the best new fash­ion lines in Chicago. Many of the lines featured are manu­fac­tured using ethi­cal, fair trade, and slow fash­ion models. We are happy, for once, to be trendy! Read more here.


We’re also honored to be named as the Best New Fash­ion Line in Chicago by New City. Read more here!